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When shopping for central air conditioning units, it will help both of us if you have an idea of what you need. Our Alpharetta air conditioning repair team will tell you all about all your options for heating and cooling systems, both through our website and qualified technicians.

Our best customers are our well informed customers.

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Central AC Manufacturers

Our Alpharetta central air conditioning team has the training and experience necessary to repair or install new heating and cooling equipment by companies like Carrier, Amana, Goodman, Trane, York, Lennox, Bryant, Ruud, American Standard and more.

What is a Central Air Conditioning System?

There are many types of cooling systems. Swamp coolers, room air conditioners, and window air conditioners are some examples. The system that can cool the most area possible from a single unit is a central air conditioning system.

Central Air Conditioning Systems are one of the most commonly used types. They work by using a unit placed outside the home. These a/c units take heat from the inside air in your Roswell home, and using a system of compressed gas and coils, send it outside.
Models are increasingly energy efficient. Companies continue to reduce the amount of energy a unit needs, ultimately saving you money in utility bills.

The size and capacity of a unit is measured in British thermal units per hour, or Btu/hr. 12,000 Btu/hr equals one ton of cooling capacity. How many Btu’s does your home need? With the variations in every manufacturers styles, only a qualified technician can accurately make an estimate.

Quality Contractors: The Most Important Part

While there are many parts to an air conditioning system, the most important part is always the contractor you choose to install the system A qualified contractor should have a good reputation from other customers, have the proper licensing, and offer yearly maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Alpharetta is such a Air Conditioning Repair contractor. With proof of all the proper licensing and a reputation for fantastic service, you don’t have to look an farther. Your central air conditioner will receive only our best work when we’re on the job. We will recommend the right system for your home.